“Kora deeply saddened by the incompetence in the Auditor’s office.”

Former Laporte county commissioner and the chairman of the Laporte County Democratic Party Dr. Vidya Kora said he is deeply saddened by the level of incompetence that has crept into the auditor’s office since the last election.

This incompetence is hurting the image of Laporte County and hurting the morale of its employees.

“During the eight years I have served as a County Commissioner, I have had the privilege of serving with both Democratic and Republican elected officials who took their job seriously to serve the people of Laporte County”.

” I have seen many elected officials who do not know the details of performing their job when they are elected initially but they take the time and make the effort to learn.”

Unfortunately ,our current auditor Mr. Stabosz is more interested in playing politics and attacking political opponents rather than  doing his job as an auditor.

The recent mess with the property tax bills is the result of this incompetence and lack of seriousness in  doing the job that he was elected to do.

“In all the years I have been involved in county government, once the elections were over, we all served on the Laporte County Team irrespective of which party we belonged to. Unfortunately that spirit is lacking today and has been replaced by a nasty and toxic political rhetoric.” Kora said.

This incompetence and  divisiveness have tarnished the reputation of Laporte County which hurts the interests of the taxpayers and businesses in our community.

My request to Mr.Stabosz is to do some introspection as to what kind of legacy he wants to leave.” I hope he chooses the path of competence, humility, servant leadership and bringing people together to do good for our community in Laporte County so that eventually when he leaves the auditor’s office he would leave it in a better place than he found it.”

“Lastly my appeal to the voters of La Porte County is to take the time and evaluate the candidates before any election to see if they even have the basic competence and temperament to serve in public office.”

“In any business when we hire people who do not have the basic competence and temperament to do the job, they will drive that business into bankruptcy, the county government is no different.” Kora said.