La Porte County Democrats are striving for livable wages, affordable health care, stronger schools, safer communities, and fairer elections.

La Porte County Democrats - Economic development and job creation

Economic development and job creation

We believe in strengthening the office of economic development of the county to attract new businesses to create new jobs and to retain jobs among the existing businesses by improving infrastructure, investing in workforce development and creating economic incentives.
La Porte County Democrats - Controlling the Coronavirus Pandemic

Controlling the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Controlled a once in a century pandemic by improving access to vaccines and early treatment and supporting public health measures.These goals can be achieved by working together with our state and federal partners.
La Porte County Democrats - Reducing the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs and improving access to healthcare

Reducing the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs and improving access to healthcare

By working with a federal and state lawmakers we will strive to improve the access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs. We would also advocate for strengthening the affordable care act and reduce the out-of-pocket costs for consumers.
La Porte County Democrats - Improving Infrastructure

Improving infrastructure physical, digital and human

Improving aging infrastructure by supporting the use of federal dollars to improve roads, bridges, high speed broadband services and modernizing the electric grid. We also need to improve the human infrastructure by improving the services for child care and the elderly.
La Porte County Democrats - Improving Education

Improving education in all ZIP Codes

Education is the key for our economic progress and maintaining our competitiveness in the global economy. We believe every child should have access to world class education we also believe in making higher education affordable and accessible.
La Porte County Democrats - Reducing Crime and Gun Violence

Reducing crime and gun violence

We want to create safe communities by giving police more resources and balancing it with more accountability and supporting sensible gun laws while protecting second amendment rights.
La Porte County Democrats - Reforming Criminal Justice System and Policing

Reforming criminal justice system and policing

We need to overhaul the criminal justice system by offering the incarcerated an opportunity to turn their lives around. We support community policing.
La Porte County Democrats - Racial Equity

Racial equity

There are significant gaps in academic achievement, income, health outcomes, access to credit for homebuyers due to a long history of discrimination. We support innovative approaches to close these gaps.
La Porte County Democrats - Climate Change

Climate change

We believe climate change poses an existential threat to our planet. We support a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, create clean energy jobs program and increase clean energy investments.
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